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All Are Welcome!

We invite you to come to our 11am service, as you are, wherever you may find yourself on your journey of faith. All are welcome. No condemnation here. Our worship style is contemporary and features lively contemporary music. The sermons are informal and relevant, addressing the issues you face in your everyday life. There is also opportunity to offer prayers for personal concerns in your life, our community and our world. Dress is California casual.


This Sunday's Service

19th: Vital Signs of being spiritually alive: caring

Posted on: Apr 16th, 2015 | By

Does caring for one another come naturally? I used to think so, but then, after some research and thinking, I’m not sure that is true. Do an online search using the words “Caring for one another” and the results are pretty shocking. The results are almost all bible quotes or sermons. Is caring for one another a strictly Christian theme or is it universal?

One of the biggest struggles among the disciples both before and after Jesus’ death was over who was going to be Jesus’ successor. Before his death, I could see how there might have been intense competition for that position; but after they saw his crucifixion, I can’t imagine why any of them would want the “job.”





West Hollywood Church inspires me with its unapologetic diversity - lesbian couples and their kids, gay couples and their kids, and straight families, too, along with single straight people and single gay people and transgendered people, not to mention people of every color and age – ALL children of God worshipping together.  Every Sunday, I get a glimpse of […]

Emma & Molly

Emma & Molly

I first came to West Hollywood Church in the early 90s, and I’ve seen it change and grow–but from the very first it’s been a place of love and acceptance and welcoming. I always knew it was a place where I would find love and support. Now my daughter Emma is part of the church […]

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