January 8, 2012: Kobie’s Farewell & Elle Marvan’s Baptism!

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This Sunday we celebrate

God’s Covenant of Love

In The Baptism of Elle Lyric Marvan &

our Blessing of Kobie as she

concludes her ministry with us.


You can know a person by the company they keep

I’m sure most of you know the saying that a person is known by the company they keep, meaning we become like the people we hang out with. So if we hang out with respectable folk we become more respectable ourselves and if we hang out with some unsavory characters we adopt their bad habits.

As I have reflected on my journey the past three and half years at Weho I gave this saying some serious thought. You are known by who you hang out with. Hmmm…. How would I define Weho? What type of reputation did I acquire working at Weho and what type of habits have I picked up? Hmmm……

All this introspection reminded me of something Philip Yancey once said:

Jesus was the friend of “sinners.” They liked being around him and yearned for his company. Meanwhile, legalists found him shocking, even revolting. “You can know a person by the company he keeps,” the proverb goes. Imagine the consternation of people in first-century Palestine who tried to apply that principle to Jesus of Nazareth. The Gospels mention eight occasions when Jesus accepted an invitation to dinner. Three of these were normal social occasions among friends. The other five, however, defy all rules of propriety. Once, Jesus dined with Simon the Leper. In Palestine, stern laws enforced the stigma against leprosy: the afflicted had to live outside city walls and yell, “Unclean!” when they approached anyone. Yet, Jesus ignored all these rules and reclined at the table of a man who wore that stigma as part of his name. (Another time), Jesus healed a man from dropsy, and then drew a stinging contrast between the social-climbing banquets of the Pharisees and God’s banquet spread for the “the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame.”

We are known by the company we keep. We will talk more about this on Sunday.



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