September 4, 2012: Heartbreaking, yet this is why we do it

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And they asked Jesus, “When did we see you hungry and feed you, or naked and clothe you?”

And Jesus answered, “As you did it to one of the least of these, you did it to me.”

Matthew 25: 37-40


Much has been written about this passage, which is often called “the Great Judgment,” (Matthew 25: 31-40); but nothing is more profound than these words sent to us by Arlene in a letter dated Aug. 31, 2012:

W. Hollywood United Church of Christ,

Thank you for your nice letter.  I came to church after a week of picking up your kind bags of lunch.

I couldn’t chew anything, and I was honestly starving.  I had oral (dental) surgery, and several extractions.  All I could manage was your juice and banana.  I had have been homeless for ten years.  Now, I live just a few blocks down the street off of Sunset.

Thank you for your hospitality.

See you at Church!



Arlene is just one of the many who thank us or say “God bless you!” as they receive one of our sack lunches. Yet even more, we must always remember to the hungry and homeless, we are Christ.

So far this year we have given out 4136 lunches.

Just a reminder, each Sunday during September we are receiving our special offering for our Sack Lunch Program.  100% of the money we receive is used exclusively for our sack lunch program.  If you wish to donate, please mark “Sack Lunch” on your check.

Gandhi once said, “To a starving person bread is God.”  Jesus said that those who give food to the hungry are him.

We are blessed even as we bless others,


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