September 19, 2011: Thank God for Teachers

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“Teaching is, by its very nature, not a profession that yields a lot of tangible returns—and especially not in the first decade or so…The teacher who has simply tried to be faithful in activating thought and whose life is given to helping students to create for themselves frequently is never able to know whether anything at all has resulted from the work.  Students are rarely inclined to tell their teachers what they have been learning (creating inwardly).  Indeed, the students may not even realize that it was a teacher who got something going for them; that may be a fact lying dormant and unrecognizable for years to come.  Small wonder, then, that we ‘lose heart’ and feel lonely in a ministry of teaching.  Did Jesus feel less lonely, less deserted?”

Locke E. Bowman, Jr.  Teaching Today: The Church’s First Ministry

Jesus was the greatest teacher of all.  Thank God for great teachers who touched our lives.  Thank God for Church School teachers who start us on the path of faith.  Thank God for public school teachers.  Thank God for people like you and me, who teach loving and just values to any who will learn.  And thank God that we never stop learning from all who teach us.




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