September 28, 2014: Worship & Picnic in GRIFFITH Park!

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Worship & Picnic in Griffith Park! – 11 am

with 7 neighboring congregations of the United Church of Christ.


There is NO worship service

at our church this Sunday!

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“Compassion is to Have the Heart of God:

One Mother’s Story of Seeking Asylum and Refuge”

Our guest speaker, Kenia Bran, will tell her story:

They killed my husband, then threatened us,” she says. “We had to leave.”

Kenia Bran and her two children fled Honduras after gang members killed her husband.

Exodus 22: 21-27

“Do not mistreat or oppress foreigners, for you once were foreigners in Egypt. You must not take advantage of widows or orphans. If you do afflict them, they will cry out to me – and be certain that I will hear their complaint.”

Four-year-old Michelle shuffles through her “homework” and shows off her coloring. She has been in the US for only two months, but already seems right at home here and in preschool. “I really like it, I like school,” she says.

Her mother, Kenia Bran, says life in Los Angeles is a big switch for Michelle and her 11-year-old brother, Marvin. They are safe now, out of Honduras. Their journey started after Kenia’s husband and her uncle witnessed a murder there.

Criminals, looking to silence any onlookers, killed Kenia’s uncle and then threatened her husband. Kenia says her husband sought asylum in the US, but his request was repeatedly denied. Three months after he returned home, he was found murdered on the family’s front porch, shot 17 times.

“They killed my husband, then threatened us,” she says. “We had to leave.”

Now, after being smuggled north and getting detained at the US border temporarily, the family is in Los Angeles with Kenia’s mother, who moved to the US years ago.

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