Sep 23, 2012: Worship & Picnic in Griffith Park

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I hope you’ll join us this Sunday for our annual fall worship service and picnic in Griffith Park.

This Sunday is also a really special opportunity to worship with a lot of our new friends in the United Church of Christ!   The following congregations are joining us. (A general invitation was also sent out to all the members in our UCC Central Association and Southern California Nevada Conference.)

Altadena Congregational Church, UCC

First Congregational Church of Glendale, UCC

Hollywood Independent UCC

Mt. Hollywood Congregational Church

Northwest Community UCC, Las Vegas

(Thank you, Garry Orange – Originator of worship in the Park!)

Southern California Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ

Westwood Hills Congregational UCC

along with other members and friends from the United Church of Christ.

THIS YEAR WE ARE AT THE SAME LOCATION AS LAST YEAR – the “Crystal Springs Picnic Area” in Griffith Park.

We have 7 picnic tables but we are expecting a lot of people, so if you have blankets or lawn chairs, please bring!

We’ll also have Church-School-In-The-Park, and some fun games, so dress down and be comfortable!

Please bring food to share.  Our church is providing hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers plus paper plates and tableware for our members.  All you need to bring is food to share.

See you Sunday IN THE PARK!



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