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Posted on : Oct 4th, 2012 | By | Category: Special Events

Did you know you can now Register to Vote ONLINE?

For the first time ever, we have ONLINE Voter registration for California voters!

Right HERE.

Dear Friends: 

California’s Secretary of State has launched the state’s first ever online voter registration system.

Thanks to members of California Church IMPACT, California Common Cause and League of Women Voters among many groups, we were able to spearhead efforts to get this important bill passed and put in place in time for the November elections.

Tell your friends, family and neighbors — you can now register to vote in your PJs! The new online voter registration system is now up and running, and you can register or update your voter information online.

California Church IMPACT has worked closely with state and local elections officials and partner organizations to develop tools and programs to promote this new election registration technology. California has taken an important step in to make voting accessible, free and fair for eligible voters. Not only that, but this system will save the state millions of dollars.

Check out the new online voter registration site — share it with your friends and family and encourage them to register online today!

We expect millions of voters — whether they are young, on the move, or strapped for time — to use this innovative system over the next few years. With online voter registration ready in time for the November election, California has taken a forward-thinking stand to increase voter registration and participation.

And you helped make it happen! Thank you for all you do to keep democracy alive!

Thank you!

Elizabeth Sholes

CA Council of Churches IMPACT

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