October 3, 2010: Forbidden Love!

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This Sunday is “World Communion Sunday.” World Communion Sunday came about after World War II when our world was in a state of chaos. Europe was divided in two, separated by Fascism and Nazism. Shortly after the end of the war, it was soon to be divided not by Fascism and Nazism but by Communism. Japan and the US (now close allies) had just experienced one of the worst atrocities of humanity, the detonation of two nuclear bombs. A group of Christians decided it was time to celebrate the oneness of our faith as the “world,” at least as reflected by the northern hemisphere, tried, in the words of Humpty Dumpty, “to put itself back together again.” The one thing all Christians had in common was Communion. So, the Protestant churches which do not celebrate Communion weekly, all agreed to celebrate the Sacrament on the first Sunday of October. World Communion Sunday is still one of the few times that Christians all around the world celebrate our oneness in Christ on the same day. small business start up homely.