Nov 11, 2012: God’s Vision, God’s Word: Still Speaking!

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General Synod is coming to Southern California!  In June of 2013, UCC folks from around the country and many of our global partners will gather in Long Beach to celebrate being a denomination of Extravagant Welcome, Continuing Testament, and Changing Lives.

The theme for General Synod is “God’s Vision:         ”

No, that’s not a typo.  It’s “God’s Vision [colon] blank space.”  In this church of continuing testament, we understand that God is still speaking.  On matters of justice.  On matters of equality.  On matters of compassion.  On matters of love.

We also understand that God’s vision, God’s voice, speaks to each of us and is revealed to each of us differently.  So we’ve intentionally left the space after the colon blank, because each of us is called to live out God’s vision for us in our own ways.


Libby Tigner

Libby Tigner

The Rev. Libby Tigner, Associate Conference Minister for Church Relations, joined the staff of the Southern California Nevada Conference of the UCC in February of 2012, after having served at First Congregational Church in Long Beach for over ten years.  As a part of the SCNC team, she works with Association committees for Church and Ministry, assists congregations with search and call, oversees special events and helps to strengthen the connections between local churches and their leadership, Associations, and the Conference.

A former member of the PC(USA) and a 1995 graduate of Claremont School of Theology, Libby will be the Moderator of General Synod 29 when it convenes in Long Beach next year.  Libby lives in Long Beach with her partner Gail Schwandner and two kittens (who she is sure are part of an underground terrorist organization).

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