5/29/12 Devotional: R U Afraid today? May the Holy Spirit grant you unstoppable power.

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Sunday we celebrated the Day of Pentecost – the day in our story of faith when the gift of the Holy Spirit is poured out on the followers of Jesus.  It’s a story of unleashing God’s people – setting us free, unchained, unrestricted, to live and “be” in the world in a new way.  That “way” is the Way of Christ’s LOVE.

I just received an article that ran in the NY Times about one business owner in North Carolina who opposed the state’s recent amendment against equal marriage rights.

Replacements Limited, the Greensboro, N.C.-based purveyor of china, crystal and silver, has lost some customers since it made a high-profile stand against North Carolina’s Amendment 1, but that hasn’t fazed Bob Page, it’s openly gay founder and chairman. “My life is not about money,” Page said. Page and his associates tried to get the state’s biggest corporations to back their effort to stop the marriage amendment, but none signed on.

Who was missing?  According to the NY Times, “While some executives spoke out against it as individuals, not one Fortune 500 company based in North Carolina, including Bank of America, Duke Energy, VF Corporation and Lowe’s, opposed it.”  Fear took over.

We’ve all felt that fear in our lives.  It’s the fear that comes about when you know something is wrong, but you are afraid to speak out.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s at work, at home, in a social setting, or in the midst of the struggle for civil rights.  That’s the same situation the followers of Jesus found themselves in 2,000 years ago after his death.   And then the Holy Spirit came upon them and they were unstoppable in proclaiming Gods reign and Jesus’ “Way.”  Bob Page, the owner of Replacements Limited put it this way:

Mr. Page, 67, said he didn’t like politics and wasn’t “extreme,” or “in your face” about being gay. But, he added: “I just refuse to hide. I did that way too many years and it’s  just not healthy.”  [The full NY Times article can be read here.]

2,000 years ago the Apostle Paul said it like this:  And don’t forget – Paul (aka Saul of Tarsus) was the master of bullying and intimidation of Christians.  He was abusive and an abuser until his conversion experience on the Road to Damascus.  After experiencing God’s transforming love, Paul found himself trying to disempower the abusive system he previously created.  He later writes to Timothy, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and of a sound mind.”

Ron Buford writes in this week’s meditation:  Are you afraid today? Fear has no power over us as it does not come from external circumstance, but from our internal disconnect from the God of all power. May the Holy Spirit rest and abide within you today, granting you unexplainable, unstoppable power.   And may the power of Christ’s WAY open us to the ability to speak the truth in love, without fear.



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