May 21, 2012 Devotional: God IS STILL SPEAKING!

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What a great time in history to be part of one of America’s most progressive Christian Churches, the United Church of Christ!   One of the things that has both angered and hurt me about the Presbyterian Church is that liberal and moderate pastors have sat silent for so long when it comes to speaking up and speaking out for GLBT justice, equality and inclusion.  Not so in the UCC!  Today’s “God is Still Speaking” is “An open letter from Rev. Otis Moss III to the Black Clergy” in support of equal marriage rights for same-gender couples.

This letter is to Black Clergy from a Black Clergyperson, serving one of the most historic African American Churches in our country.  It is powerful and addresses every issue “right on.”

Rev. Otis Moss III is pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, President and Mrs. Obama’s home church.  It is, I believe, the largest UCC church in the denomination.  Their motto is “Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian.”

As you read this, you’ll know that “God is still speaking!”  The letter is based on the words of the Prophet Micah, “What does our God require of you but to seek justice, love [live] kindness and walk humbly with our God.”  [Micah 6:8]

Rev. Moss, along with the NAACP and so many other African Americans, is really stepping up and speaking out for equal marriage rights for same gender couples.   Rev. Moss’s words are like “tongues of fire” descending upon Christ’s followers on the day of Pentecost, the festival that we will celebrate this Sunday.  But as we read this, I hope each of us will ask ourselves the same question Rev. Moss is asking his African American clergy to consider.  In the name and spirit of Jesus, are we speaking up as boldly and honestly for African American civil rights, especially around issues of poverty, education and the incarceration of African American males in the United States, as he is for us?  Are we speaking up for justice for the millions of “undocumented immigrants” who in the name of a loving God and compassionate society need a process to become legal residents and citizens of the country that many of them have lived in most of their lives?  Are we speaking up for women and their civil rights as the war on women’s reproductive rights rages on?

Justice is never a one way street.  Justice by its very nature is relational.  Nobody makes that point more clearly than the prophet Micah and Rev. Otis Moss III.  I am so proud and thankful for his testimony and the NAACP’s witness.  And now I hope and pray that those of us in the non-African American community will take our stand and speak boldly for the rights, dignity and equality of African Americans.




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