March 9, 2012: Call to the Congregational Meeting

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The Session calls a Special Meeting of the Congregation and Corporation of West Hollywood Presbyterian Church for Sunday, April 22, 2012 to be held in the sanctuary following the morning worship service.  In the event a quorum of 50% of the active membership roll (voting members) is not present as is required by the Gracious Dismissal policy of the Presbytery of the Pacific, the meeting is called for the following Sunday, April 29, 2012 to be held in the sanctuary following the morning worship service; and a communication to that effect will be sent by email to (voting) members no later than noon on April 24, 2012. Members without email will be notified by phone.

The purpose of the meeting is for the congregation to vote upon the terms of dismissal from the Presbyterian Church (USA) into the United Church of Christ; and if that vote meets the criteria of approval as established in the Presbytery of the Pacific’s “Gracious Dismissal policy,” to vote upon any and all matters related to seeking membership in the United Church of Christ, including but not limited to, the continuation of the congregation’s Call of the Rev. Daniel E. Smith as Pastor of the new church, and his acceptance as a member of the newly formed church.  The terms of dismissal and matters of membership in the United Church of Christ, including the terms of Call for the Pastor will be made available to all active members (voting members) of the congregation at least one week prior to the meeting.

by Order of the Session, Randy Tullis, Clerk of Session

For Information:

    1. The Presbytery of the Pacific’s “Gracious Dismissal Policy” states: “Public notice of such a called meeting of the congregation must be given at least 30 days in advance, and every action should be taken to maximize the participation of the congregation in this meeting.”  Thus, the Session is calling the meeting as early as possible with the full hope that members will be able to participate in this important vote.
    2. The “Gracious Dismissal Policy” requires a 30 day advance notice of the above called meeting.  This notice is posted March 9, 2012, thus meeting that criteria for both Sundays, April 22, 2012 and, if a quorum is not present, then for Sunday, April 29, 2012.
    3. The “Gracious Dismissal Policy” requires a quorum of at least 50% of the Active (voting) Member’s Roll of the Church.  Only those on the Active Members roll may vote.  There is also no voting by proxy.  Each person voting must be present.
    4. The “Gracious Dismissal Policy” requires that 75% of those voting must vote in the affirmative for the transfer to be validated.
    5. The Gracious Dismissal Policy allows any member of West Hollywood Presbyterian Church the right and opportunity to remain a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Every member will be notified of their right to remain a Presbyterian and provided with information regarding the process of transferring your membership to another Presbyterian Church should the vote be in the affirmative.
    6. Among other items, a new set of bylaws will be presented for adoption.  Bylaws are the governing documents that define the organization, its purpose, and how it will be run.
    7. Whereas ministers are members of a Presbytery in the Presbyterian Church, in the United Church of Christ, a minister is a member of the congregation that calls her or him.  Thus, the Call process not only includes the acceptance of a pastoral call, but enrolling the minister as an active (voting) member of the congregation.
    8. The Session fully intends to keep everyone informed.  Both of our Transition Teams are hard at work.  As soon as we have documents finalized, they will be distributed.  Also, any questions you have may be sent to Randy Tullis, Clerk of Session, or Rev. Dan Smith, Pastor and Moderator.  Questions may be asked verbally, presented in writing or by email:  You may email Randy or Dan.

Thank you for your support, cooperation and patience as we move through this process.

The Session of West Hollywood Presbyterian Church:  Elders Chris Cheng, Doug Galt, Elizabeth Kesner, George Lynch, Randy Tullis, Ron Thomas and Rev. Dan Smith.

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