March 21, 2011: Are the fundamentals of faith a stopping point or a starting point?

Posted on : Mar 21st, 2011 | By | Category: Still Speaking

At our church we are in the midst of a worship series entitled “Questioning the Answers.” Many of us growing up in the church have been taught that faith simply involves unthinking trust and a blind acceptance of God, the Bible, and the fundamental beliefs of the church. Don’t question, just accept – even if it doesn’t make sense. Only those who are weak in their faith question, or so we have been warned. But is such an attitude healthy for our faith? I cannot help but wonder if the opposite isn’t true: that we are scared to ask tough questions of our faith because we are scared that our faith is not strong enough to withstand the questions. Someone once said, “Is our faith built on such shaky ground that it would fall apart if we ask tough questions? If we are so afraid of messing things up that we cannot even ask honest questions for ourselves, how are we going to face the questions of others outside the faith? Is our faith so shaky that we cannot even ask the tough questions without risking everything falling apart?” list of investment banks homely.