Keeping Faith with JD

Posted on : Apr 8th, 2011 | By | Category: Special Events

JD Woody has been assigned to the dairy farm at Lompoc.  He is doing well.  Besides learning how to farm, he also leads a Bible Study group, teaches an ESL class and tutors GED students.

Want to send JD a book?  (ONLY PAPERBACKS ARE ALLOWED!!) Here’s a link to his wish list on Amazon.  (Used books are just fine!)  For security reasons, you can’t send books to him personally – they have to be sent by the bookstore.

He appreciates receiving cards & letters at: JOHN DAVID WOODY Res #55511-112, USP LOMPOC, SATELLITE CAMP, 3705 WEST FARM ROAD, LOMPOC, CA 93436.

Note from JD  5/4/11

Hi, Pastor Dan!

I hope you are having a marvelous week. I am enjoying a great week. The weather here is fantastic. I have been very, very busy! I just got a new service opportunity. I am teaching GED on Friday nights –wait for it!– in SPANISH. It is going well so far. I am just teaching multiplication but I need to brush up because they will be ready for algebra soon and I can’t say polynomial in espanol! I am also teaching English/2nd Language two nights a week. Plus I have private tutoring for GED because a bunch of guys are taking the test in a couple of weeks. I am also doing stand-up comedy again this Saturday, third week in a row! Very fun. A lot of the fellas really get into that, and it certainly helps to lighten the mood around here. I work out on the weight pile and work on cardio. I’m huge now. And my job on the farm is a lot of fun and I am gaining a lot from the experience.

How is everything in West Hollywood? I hope all are doing well at the church.  Well, I gotta wrap this up as I am headed to class again! Take care and please greet everyone at church for me!