June 4, 2012: Pride Options & Meditation

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Pride Options this Sunday, June 10:

11 am regular Worship at WHUCC:

Service theme: “Reorientation Ministries – Changing one’s Orientation from Hate to Love.”  Rev. Dan Smith

March in the Pride Parade:

10:30 am line up with Hollywood Independent UCC.  Email dsmith@wehopres.org for the line-up location with Hollywood Independent.  Please email me by Thursday.

This Week’s Meditation:

Happy Pride week!  We are so blessed in West Hollywood because in reality, every week is Pride week.  This year, we’ve finally taken the final step of PRIDE.  We’ve moved from an oppressive, dehumanizing spiritual tradition to a liberating, affirming spiritual tradition.

Over the years I’ve counseled hundreds and hundreds of gay and lesbian people as they come out.  With each person I’ve shared the same wisdom:  Coming out is a two stage process.  First, it’s about getting the correct information (learning) about what it means to be gay or lesbian.  The majority of what we’ve been taught about ourselves is wrong.  Plain wrong!

The second is the more difficult and takes longer.  It’s COMING OUT SPIRITUALLY.  Coming out spiritually is more than, “it’s OK to be gay, or “God loves all sinners,” or any other spiritual thought or feeling that you are anything less than fabulously-created in the image of God.

As many of you know, I grew up in the wintry climate outside of Buffalo, NY.  I know a thing or two about snow.  I have no idea how many snowflakes I’ve seen in my day, but I know it’s in the billions!  Here’s the interesting thing about snow.  Not one flake – not any one flake – is the same as the next.  There are billions and billions of snowflakes and not one of them is the same.  If God creates with such diversity that not one snow flake or gain of sand (for native Southern Californians) is the same, why in the world would we believe that God only creates humanity with one sexual orientation?  It doesn’t make any sense!  Nothing in creation – nothing – is identically the same.

Coming out SPIRITUALLY is the process of internalizing deep in your soul, the joyful realization that God created you as the person you are, and for LGBT persons, that means Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender.  Anything less is an affront to God.  It is not good enough spiritually to think of yourself as anything less than 100% created in the image of God.

Today’s Meditation is about that very process of discovery.  Peter, the rock on whom the Christian Church would be built, was 100% sure that only people like him (Jewish followers of Christ) were good enough to be included in the emerging Church.  Then God tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Peter, you’re wrong.  I created both Gentiles and Jews and all are equally loved in my sight.  There is no hierarchy of acceptability or goodness here.  I show no partiality.  I am the one who creates all humanity differently.  You are the one who has a problem with that.  Get over it!”

Read on.

Happy Pride and God Bless!



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