July 16, 2012: Packing for Travels: Carry On or Steamer Trunks?

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One of my dearest New York friends is an artist, a performer, and a Diva.  He is one of the most fun loving people in the world and it is a nothing short of sheer joy to travel with him.  The only drawback is, you pay dearly for the privilege of his Diva-ness.  Whenever going “places gay,” David packs his wigs and gowns and make up and heels and boas and things I never knew existed when I was a mere youth.  He definitely does not travel light!

When traveling with him, packing is always a major production.  Which wig goes in which box, which gown goes in which suitcase, and on and on.  Inevitably there is “the final count” and it is always obvious that he has exceeded every limit including size, weight and number of bags.  Nothing gets left behind though.  His stuff just gets “shared” among his entourage or shipped.  Thank God for Fed-EX and UPS!

Another friend of mine goes to Europe and packs a carry on.

I’m in between the two.  As this week’s “God is Still Speaking” devotional suggests, I’m an “in case” packer; but I still try to keep it light.

Jesus offers the disciples some austere advice about packing but I don’t think he’s really talking about packing.  I think he’s talking about “the stuff we carry around.”

Read on.

Blessings and – at least in your faith journey – may you travel “light.”


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