January 24, 2011: The “Hole Truth”

Posted on : Jan 24th, 2011 | By | Category: Still Speaking

New Year’s resolutions are in essence about a fresh start. But usually three weeks into the New Year much of our resolve has evaporated. Let’s be honest: change is difficult, it forces us out of our comfort zone; it challenges our priorities; it forces to the surface problems we swept under the rug for years, forcing us to deal with them; it asks us to look in the mirror and honestly face ourselves; it asks us to confront old habits and destructive patterns, to make amends and to accept that we need help, we can’t do it all by ourselves. How many times have you woken up on January 1st and said: “I’m going to get my life in order; I’m going to straighten out my life; I’m going to be a new person.” Depending on your resolve, willpower and self discipline, you may have been able to keep it up for a while. But it is so easy to fall back to your old self, old routine, old ways of life. The reason is that change cannot be willed. Change is a process that we have to work trough. This is the reason why programs such as AA have a 12 Step rehabilitation process. Truth be told, change is a life-long recovery program. offer in compromise homely.