January 14, 2013: Bad News: You are not the Power Source!

Posted on : Jan 14th, 2013 | By | Category: Still Speaking

Oh my!  The God Is Still Speaking mediation for this week is startlingly too personal.  I am not a fan of rickety suspension bridges; however, when at amusement parks, I’m usually the first to start rocking and swinging it, just for fun.   I’m not sure I’d be that daring (or brave) if it were an actual hand-made bridge in Nicaragua.  However, whichever side of the “fright factor” you enjoy, the fear of crossing rickety suspension bridges or the dare of rocking the bridge, this week’s mediation for your spiritual life has something for you.

It’s a beautiful continuation of what we were exploring yesterday in our “God-Sighting” worship series.  We are not the Power Source, God’s love is.  That’s a hard concept to grasp in our 21st century, “I am all powerful” American cultural situation.  None the less, Lillian Daniel’s thoughts help us get there.


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