February 6, 2011: Discovering God and Meaning in our Life Story

Posted on : Feb 3rd, 2011 | By | Category: This Sunday's Service

How does one approach Scripture in a post modern world? Sometimes we overlook the obvious. The Bible is primarily a narrative: It is a story of God and God’s journey with humanity: It is the story of different people in different times, sharing their unique experiences of God with us. Over time, under the guidance of the Spirit, people reflected on these experiences, made sense of them, and passed the truths they discovered on in the form of stories. Narratives (stories) became the vehicle to pass on the truths they held dear and gave meaning to their lives. It is through their stories that the Spirit speaks once again to us when we read the Bible – when the stories of Scripture intersect with our own experiences, our own life stories. The Bible was never intended to be a history book providing factual information about the past; rather, the Bible is filled with sacred faith stories. small business management homely.