February 24, 2015: I wish I could pray.

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“Jesus, teach us to pray just as John also taught his disciples.” Luke 1:1

Prayers for Lent

In 1984 Chris Glaser, the founding director of the Lazarus Project and Parish Coordinator of our church wrote “Prayers for Lent.” In 1988 he revised it and offered it as “a gift to members and friends of the West Hollywood Presbyterian Church.”

Much has changed since 1984. Chris is a renowned author on LGBT spirituality and sexuality. You can follow Chris on his weekly blog at http://chrisglaser.blogspot.com After being denied ordination multiple times by the Presbyterian Church, Chris was ordained as a minister in the Metropolitan Community Church and held standing in the United Church of Christ while serving a UCC Congregation in Atlanta, where he now lives. And now we’re a congregation of the United Church of Christ.

But some things haven’t changed as we begin again the season of Lent. One of those things is the deep insightfulness of Chris’ writing in bringing spirituality to life in the contemporary world in which we live. Here are Chris’ thoughts on one of the struggles we all face in our spiritual lives, making time for prayer.


I wish I could discipline my prayer life

as easily as I am able (at least periodically)

to regularize my physical exercise.

When I set my mind to it,

I can find time three times a week

to work out for one and half hours at the gym.

But to find a half-hour a week

to pray in solitude seems saintly!


Maybe it’s because there’s a noticeable difference

in my body when I’ve been working out regularly.

I can look in the mirror and not feel ashamed.

People say, “Oh, you’ve lost weight” or

“You’re looking good.”


But I and other people don’t notice

when I’ve been working out spiritually.

Or do they?

I know I feel different,

And I treat others differently.

Oh God, may that difference inspire me

to be different in taking time to pray.

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