February 14, 2012: God Is Still Speaking: Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  Yes, singles and couples!

Such a day with cupid throwing arrows that hit some and miss others!  Thank goodness, God’s aim is better.  More on that in a moment.

Do you remember the first person you had a “crush” on?  I sure do.  I also remember knowing I dare not let anyone know who he was because he was a guy, not a girl.  In the time and place I grew up, it was cute – even a rite of passage – for a guy to have a crush on a girl; but guys couldn’t have crushes on guys and girls couldn’t have crushes on girls.

Last week I stopped in TJ’s.  There were two young lesbians shopping together and as naturally as can be, one put her arm around the other; and they kept shopping that way.  It was beautiful!  You could feel their love for each other.  It was also beautiful to know it is now safe enough –at least in WeHo – for a woman to put her hand around another woman in public.

Last night I worked late and didn’t feel like cooking, so I went to In N’ Out Burger.   I have no idea why the Hollywood In N’ Out Burger is always so full, but it always is!  Last night I was order #90 and they were actually serving #63.   Two young gay men came into the restaurant.  The energy between them was electric.  The one guy just naturally put his arm on the center of the other guy’s back, as if to pull him closer to him.  Then he looked up and saw a rather daunting, heavy set, tattooed Hollywood Rocker staring at him.  The gay guy ever so subtly let his hand drop off his boyfriend’s back and they made their way to the opposite side of the restaurant.  In N’ Out Burger in Hollywood is not quite as “safe a space” as TJ’s in WeHo, but we’re getting there.

Most Sundays as I look at our congregation I rejoice in the love of God that I see displayed in us.  There are women with their arms affectionately around women, women with their arms affectionately around men; men with their arms affectionately around women, and men with their arms affectionately around men.  We are 100% “Safe Space” for everyone.  But there’s another difference here in LA and here in West Hollywood Church that is both part of our urban identity, and also part of our affirmation of who God is and who we are as God’s people.  That is, the couples in our community are some of the most racially diverse in the world.  It’s hard to imagine the days of prohibition against inter-racial dating and marriage, but they existed in our own lifetimes (well, SOME of our lifetimes)!

Isn’t it fabulous that on this Valentine’s Day we can celebrate such a grand diversity of love!  But even more important is the realization that we do this because it is God who made us to look and love as diversely as God looks and loves!   Continuing our Gospel According to Lady Gaga theme:

I’m beautiful in my way,

‘Cause God makes no mistakes.

I’m on the right track, Baby,

I was Born This Way.

And as Jesus taught,

“Love one another as I have loved you.”
John 15:12

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.  And whether you are young or growing older, Asian, Latin, African, Caucasian, female, male, heterosexual, transgender, bisexual, lesbian or gay, single or coupled, know one thing:  Whether cupid’s arrows have hit you or not, “God loves you as much as you loved that first person you had a crush on!”  Live in God’s love!



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