Ballot Recommendations for Nov 2012

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Dear Friends,

Below is a link to the California Council of Churches IMPACT Ballot Recommendations for the Nov. 6, 2012 election.

This year, there are eleven ballot initiatives, many of which are very complex and/or controversial.  It is important that we all vote on these, otherwise those with special interests in a particular initiative can sway the results by getting their people out to vote.  In other words, if we all don’t vote those who can get the most votes from their supporters can win more easily.

California Council of Churches IMPACT is the legislative “political arm” of the CA Council of Churches.  They are one of the few “voices” in Sacramento that speaks for the poor.  They advocate for peace, justice, human rights, equal rights, economic justice and the like.   They do not have recommended positions on ballot measures that fall outside their area of concern.  They also do not endorse any candidates or any political party.

I am thankful for their work and witness in our State legislative process and I have heard from many of the elected members of our state legislature (both Assemblymembers and State Senators) that their work is highly regarded by the legislature as fair and non-partisan.

I send these to you because they are the best “voice for justice” that I know of in our State.  But with that said, almost every year I disagree with one or more of their recommendations.  So, I hope these recommendations are but the beginning point in your own personal study of the many important ballot propositions before us this fall.

As always, vote your own conscience!






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