August 30, 2010: Children and the Church

Posted on : Aug 30th, 2010 | By | Category: Still Speaking

We launched our new Children’s Ministry program at church yesterday. It was the culmination of months of hard work, planning, and training. It all started about six months ago when we realized that we had an increase of families with children attending our small urban church. It dawned on us that the program we were using was not adequate anymore for the needs of the diverse ages of the kids suddenly attending our Sunday School program. What impressed me the most in this whole process was how enthusiastically both the Session and Sunday School teachers supported the idea of revitalizing the Children’s Ministry. Anyone who has worked in the church can tell you that to bring about change in the church can be an uphill battle – people just instinctively tend to resist change. But from the very start everyone was on board. Unusual as that is, what impressed me the most in working with both the Sunday School teachers and the Session was their genuine desire to develop a Children and Youth Ministry program that would nurture our kids’ spiritual development and help them experience the presence of the Divine in their lives. printable invoices homely.