August 23, 2009: Our nation is sick; needs healing

Posted on : Aug 20th, 2009 | By | Category: This Sunday's Service

Last Sunday Kobie preached a magnificent sermon about serving others and building “the City of God.” She preached from a wonderful text in Jeremiah (Jeremiah 29: 4-7. 10-14) which is a “vision” of what a city built on God’s values would be like for a community (the nation of Israel) who were living in exile under one of the most inhumane, authoritarian regimes in the history of the world (The Babylonian Empire). Kobie’s sermon was about using our gifts in serving others to build up the city.

That afternoon I was reading the Los Angeles Times and came across a column in the business section by David Lazarus. David Lazarus’ specialty is consumer issues. His column was certainly timely: “A healthcare solution that costs nothing.” The headline certainly got my attention, so I started reading: sample invoice template free homely.