April 17 – 24, 2011 – Palm Sunday / Good Friday / Easter

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THIS Sunday, April 17:  PALM SUNDAY

Our Palm Processional begins at 11 am sharp in the Courtyard!

Good Friday service, April 22, 7 pm

@ United University Church on the USC Campus

Again this year we will join our friends at United University Church on the USC Campus for our Good Friday service.  This service combines elements of a “crosswalk” through the Stations of the Cross with a Tenebrae service of darkness and shadows, in which worshippers meditate on the last days of Jesus’ life through scripture and poetry, prayer and silence, hymns and the extinguishing of candles.  We will move from location to location, singing; we will stop several times for readings and ritual.

This year as we contemplate the meaning of Jesus’ life and death at our Good Friday Service we will be reflecting on the following themes as found in Scripture and in our life experience today:

Judas’ betrayal of Jesus:  the realization that once you betray a loved one,  a spouse/partner, a family or community of those you love, you can never go back and un-betray them.

Peter’s denial of Jesus, three times:  “I don’t know you!”  Bullying – the new campaign to step up and step in.

Jesus is tried before the religious authorities who bear false witness against him – the story of Timothy Atkins, a Los Angeles man, who was incarcerated for 20 years based on false testimony.

Jesus is judged by Pilate.  How a crowd can quickly turn and demand death -“Crucify him!  Crucify him!”  Truth-Out:  We have more African Americans in prison today than were enslaved before the Civil War.

The Soldiers Crucify Jesus:  The death of the Dream Act.  Personal accounts by students whose hopes and dreams for citizenship died with the resounding defeat of the Dream Act.

Easter Day Worship

Sunday, April 24th at 11:00 am

WHPC Choral Ensemble

Easter egg hunt for kids after worship.

Invite your friends and family!