4/12/20 – Hope in Resurrection

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“Hope in Resurrection”

This Sunday we celebrate Easter which is the holiest day for Christians worldwide. Without getting into a discussion on how Easter Sunday is determined each year (it’s the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring equinox) it is celebrated in Spring which is the annual season of new life and new birth.  So, it is appropriate that we celebrate Easter during this time of year.  This year, unfortunately, our celebration will be different since we cannot physically gather in churches to worship and so must rely on virtual worship settings for our services.  For some Christians, Easter is one of the two times a year they attend worship; the other being Christmas Day or Christmas Eve services and so many churches take note of that fact and want to make sure the worship celebration is filled with glorious music and pageantry as befitting the importance of the day. Every Easter we hear the story of the Resurrection of Jesus read and we sing beloved hymns like “Jesus Christ is Risen Today”.  For the children there is often an Easter egg hunt after worship.  Of course, we can’t forget that Easter Sunday is traditionally a day we wear our best and/or newest outfits to church.

The focal point of Easter is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and indeed it is the central tenant of the Christian faith:  the resurrection of Christ and the hope of eternal life.  A question is often present, though, which asks “Was Jesus physically raised from the dead?”  It is a fair question and one that is at the heart of Christian faith.  But, it is also a question that divides believers.  For many Christians it is an absolutely immutable fact that a physical resurrection occurred and without that belief there is no basis of faith.  For other Christians it may not be so clear.  My own belief is that there had to be something so profound and life changing as to cause that small band of followers to bear witness to an event from day one and go on to give their lives in this belief.  It was so significant as to cause Peter who denied Jesus before his death to become the rock upon whom the church would be built.  For me to discuss evidence of the resurrection is to focus not so much on the empty tomb (to be clear, I’m not discounting it) as to see the evidence of resurrection in the lives of people who were changed. These resurrection people went on to change the world.   To be people of the resurrection is to live our lives like those early disciples who were changed forever.  It is so much more than ascribing to a set of beliefs.  It must be about how we live differently because of the risen Christ. And, because of our belief in the risen Christ we have hope in the Resurrection and life everlasting.  Our faith is based on the hope of the Resurrection.  I want to emphasize that hope is not an empty wish as if we were hoping for a million dollars to come our way.  Hebrews 11:1 says it best “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”  The sign of our faith is how we live as people who believe in the Risen Christ.  If there ever was a time for us to demonstrate that hope it is now.  Please join us this Sunday as we celebrate the amazing news of Christ’s Resurrection and our hope in the things to come.




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