September 8, 2013: “Jesus Encourages Rest”

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Last week, I shared about a friend who was working so much that he collapsed and was unable to get himself to even go to work. Well, Laurie in the church office shared how that story reminded her of the church’s shredder. She said, “It has a built-in ‘Sabbath!’  If it shreds a LOT of papers and it starts to overheat, it automatically shuts down BEFORE it crashes. Then you just have to give it some time off to cool down, after which it’ll happily start up again!”

I loved that story and kept thinking about it during the day. Then later that day, the strangest thing happened. I all of a sudden became quite the klutz! Now, I’m not ordinarily a clumsy person. In fact, I really can’t remember the last time I broke something. But that day and evening, all of a sudden I broke three different things within a matter of few hours. The cracked vacuum hose completely broke while I was cleaning the house, so I was unable to use the vacuum cleaner. The cracked glass window in our bedroom completely broke when I tried to close the window. And the cup with a plant in our kitchen broke in the late evening. Now when the third thing broke, I will admit God kind of had my attention and I was just ready to go to bed and have this day of breaking stuff over with.

The next day as I reflected on the shredder with a built-in Sabbath and the three things that broke, I felt God getting my attention about the importance of holy rest moments throughout our everyday lives. Two of the items were already cracked and showed signs of breaking, but I didn’t take care of them or have them repaired. I kept using them until they finally broke.

I love how, throughout the Gospels, we see moments where Jesus leaves and goes to a secluded place. The needs and demands of ministry and life were great, just as they are today; however, I believe it’s important that the Gospels include these accounts of Jesus needing to have everyday moments where he withdrew from the crowds and went to a secluded place to pray and connect with God. In Mark 6:30-32, Jesus even encouraged the disciples to come away, to take care of themselves, and go to a secluded place to rest a while.

We all have limitations on what we can do and must do. We need those every-day moments where we can have Holy Rest and connect with our POWER SOURCE!  May we be encouraged to follow Jesus and his encouraging words to, “Come away to a secluded place and rest a while (Mark 6:31).”



~ This Sunday’s Scripture ~

Mark 6:30-32

“The apostles gathered together with Jesus; and they reported to Jesus all that they had done and taught. And Jesus said to them, ‘Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while.’ (For there were many people coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat.) The apostles went away in a boat to a secluded place by themselves.”

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