May 9, 2010: “A time to say NO…”

Posted on : May 6th, 2010 | By | Category: This Sunday's Service

You may not know this, but Esther is one of those “R” rated books in the Bible. I can still remember learning about Esther in Sunday School – of course our teacher had to tone it down a bit for us. So we learned that Vashti was this sassy Persian queen who disrespectfully refused to show up after her husband, the king, ask her to come and greet his important friends at a huge banquet that he threw for all the officials and governors of the empire. As punishment for her disobedience he took away her crown and banished her from the kingdom. So an empire-wide beauty contest was held to find a worthy and beautiful replacement for Vashti. Esther, being the most beautiful of all the girls in the Persian Empire, won the king’s heart and so became the new queen of Persia. The king threw a huge banquet to celebrate Esther’s victory and placed the crown on her head.

Well….. that’s not exactly how it’s told in Scripture… tax amnesty homely.