March 6, 2011: Everyone Has A Story

Posted on : Mar 3rd, 2011 | By | Category: This Sunday's Service

Six weeks ago we began an adventure of Discovering God and Meaning in our Life Story. We began this discovery process looking at our own life story. As we looked at our own life stories, I asked you, “who are the major ‘characters’ involved in shaping your life story?” We shared some of our discovery with one another.

We then went on to talk with one another about the experiences in our life stories where we encountered pain and brokenness and asked “Where was God during these times?”

The third week we discussed the major events in our life story that were positive and brought us great joy and happiness, and again we asked “Where was God in these times?”

The fourth week I walked us through “God’s Story” highlighting four critical points in God’s Story as revealed in the Scriptures of the Bible.
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