July 9, 2012: Missing God?

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What if God looked like you?  Would you recognize God?  Or would you look past her or him, looking for someone, something else?

Johnny Lee made the song “Lookin’ For Love in all the Wrong Places” a smash hit when he sang it in the movie Urban Cowboy (1980).  It resonated with so many people, because it was so true.  A lot of us could say, “Been there.  Done that.”

Every time I hear those lyrics I wonder if the same thing isn’t true about God.

Are we “Lookin’ for God in all the Wrong Places?”  Probably so.  The more I read the story of Jesus’ life the more amazed I am at how they recognized God in him.  Was he hot?  Was he toned?  Was he buff?  Was he overweight?  Was he short, tall or average height?   What “color” was he?

None of this is told to us in the bible.  Imagine, 4 books about Jesus and not one of them tells us what the guy looked like!  That’s just amazing in our “digital world” today!  But they tell us over and over again what he did and how his peers saw God in him and through what he did and how he taught them.

I wonder if we miss seeing God in ourselves and in others because we’re looking for God in all the wrong places?  The people who had the hardest time recognizing God in Jesus were his home town friends.  Do we keep looking past God in us, trying to find God?  Do we keep missing God in the reflections of who we are and where we are?

If you’re missing God, take a moment to read this week’s “Still Speaking” devotional.  You might find yourself amazed.




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