January 24, 2010: “The Word moved into the neighborhood.”

Posted on : Jan 21st, 2010 | By | Category: This Sunday's Service

When we look at many of the problems in the world today, we feel overwhelmed. They appear so large and we often feel so small, so powerless.

Wednesday evening on ABC’s news program, Nightline, I saw an interview with President Obama by George Stephanopoulos. I certainly have not been thrilled with President Obama’s leadership, nor is a lot of the nation. George Stephanopoulos really pushed President Obama on issues of the economy, healthcare reform and the growing anger in America over many issues, particularly the economy. Obama, to his credit, tried to explain how difficult it is to try and “fix” the economy after the magnitude of collapse it went through. He explained once again that we are dealing with the effect of decades of bad economic policy and it just isn’t able to be fixed easily. cash management homely.