Jan 27: God Sightings: Seeing the Divine in Movies

Posted on : Jan 24th, 2013 | By | Category: This Sunday's Service

Our theme this month has been “God Sightings.” This coming Sunday, I will be sharing about our journey of many God sightings that led us to move in December from our apartment in South Pasadena to a little house in Los Angeles. As I reflected over these many God Sightings, I was grateful to God for all the many diverse languages God used to help me see and hear. But I have to also admit that I was embarrassed that God had to do so much to try to get me to hear and see.

The story of Noah was fascinating to me during this journey. God spoke to Noah, but we are not told exactly how God communicated to him. Perhaps there were many different languages that God used to speak to Noah in the ordinary days of his life. Through that journey, Noah saw and listened to God. Noah listened to how God wanted him to prepare an ark, prepare his household and animals of the earth. Noah was faithful and did all of what God asked him.

My favorite description of Noah is that “Noah walked with God.” When you walk with someone, they are present there with you. I’ve been reading a great book titled “Monastic Practices” by Charles Cummings. This little book has been a great help to me in encouraging me to make space in my life to stop here and there, read, pray, reflect, watch, and be aware of God’s presence with me. Striving to be more present with God in the ordinary parts of my life is something that I have to continually work at.

One of the most ordinary parts of my life where I love to see and hear God is when I watch a good movie. This week, we’ve asked you to think of those movies that connected you with the divine and send a picture and description of that. Time after time, I just find it interesting how we can focus on a great movie story, and it gives us a different perspective on life that causes us to reflect and connect with the divine. Have you seen a great movie lately and connected with the divine?



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