February 27, 2011: Everyone Has a Story

Posted on : Feb 25th, 2011 | By | Category: This Sunday's Service

Five weeks ago Dan kicked off our current sermon series by asking the question: Is the Bible still relevant to our lives today? He shared how: a while ago, one of the very bright, creative, deep thinking members of our church told me he was leaving the Church. I asked him “why” he was leaving and he said, because I find myself sitting there thinking, “I don’t believe the stories of scripture are true and therefore they don’t have any authority for my life.” He certainly is not the first person to come to that conclusion, nor will he be the last. BUT every time I hear such a comment, Dan wrote, there is a deep sadness within me. The challenge for progressive / liberal Christians is, if we don’t believe the Bible literally, what meaning does it have? marketing salary homely.