February 21, 2011: How to read the Bible (continued)

Posted on : Feb 21st, 2011 | By | Category: Still Speaking

Last time I asked you to read the story of the priest Eli as it is told in the first book of Samuel, chapters 1-4. Typically, pastors will preach on one of two topics from these 4 chapters, either a sermon on how we are called by God (the story of Samuel hearing God’s voice in middle of the night) or a sermon on parenthood (Eli was a rotten father, hence his Godless sons). Just for fun, I googled these 4 chapters to see what kind of sermons I would find online, and you guessed it, almost every single sermon was on one or the other of the above sermon topics. All good sermons, yet there is something much bigger going on in these four chapters. small business payroll software homely.