August 16, 2010: Subversive Spirituality – a journey into divine pleasure and power

Posted on : Aug 16th, 2010 | By | Category: Still Speaking

Spirituality is kind of a strange “thing.” A couple Sundays ago we focused on a parable in which Jesus says the spiritual life is like a woman who adds a tiny bit of yeast to 3 cups of flour and with that, the whole ball of dough comes to life. During that service I asked people to share in small conversation groups “How are we like the yeast that gives life to Jesus?” “How do we bring Jesus to life today?” One of the conversation groups shared about how difficult it is to be honest and ethical in today’s work environment. As they were sharing, I thought of the new ad campaign that AIDS Healthcare Foundation has on billboards all over L.A. for their pharmacies. Their slogan is “People before profit.” best internet marketing homely.