August 16, 2009: Facebook Christianity

Posted on : Aug 13th, 2009 | By | Category: This Sunday's Service

I posted on my Facebook page this week that the topic of my sermon this Sunday will be about “Facebook.” I received some really interesting comments. For those of you who are not yet clued up, Facebook is a Social Networking Community used by millions of internet users to connect with one another. It also functions as a forum for self-expression. Remember your old high school yearbook? It is similar in concept. Facebook users can place a photo of themselves on their own page and include personal bits of information about their interests and hobbies. Facebook, however, is far more sophisticated than a printed yearbook. It allows users to create online networks of friends and join and create groups of like-minded individuals. Users can write notes to one another and post entire albums of photos and videos online. And that’s just the basic stuff. The site was started in February 2004, and at present has over 150 million registered users. medical grants homely.