April 19, 2010: Why did the Samaritan stop?

Posted on : Apr 19th, 2010 | By | Category: Still Speaking

Ever wondered why the Samaritan decided to stop and help the man left for dead next to the road to Jericho? What made him different from the other two passersby before him? After all, there existed a lot of distrust and animosity between their peoples. Not a lot of love there, yet the Samaritan does the unexpected and reaches out to help a despised enemy. One would hope that if we would find ourselves in similar circumstances we would do the same. But would we? After all, two religious and faithful persons looked the other way, before the Samaritan came along. Would you and I really be able to see beyond the social and cultural norms and convictions of our time? Are you and I capable of seeing beyond the social-economic and cultural world we are immersed in? grants for college homely.