April 16, 2013: When you Feel Like Quitting

Posted on : Apr 18th, 2013 | By | Category: Still Speaking

Last Sunday we said goodbye to one of our younger friends who has been worshipping with us the past few months.  He’s leaving LA to go to Phoenix where he’s going to enter a sober living facility.  For months he has been trying to keep it together.  He’s only been clean and sober – not using drugs and/or consuming alcohol – for a few weeks.  Every day is a struggle for him.  He can barely make it from day to day, let alone week to week.

He was doing great until last week when he “slipped up” and used.  As he recovered from that slip, he knew he had to leave behind all his friends in LA because all his friends were still using.  It’s near impossible to keep clean when your best friends are high.  It’s agonizingly painful to not use when you know your next high is as easy to get as going to your friend’s apartment.

Last Sunday as Rafael was praying, I was thinking of just how hard it is to experience Resurrection in our lives.  Leaving the dead behind, to bury their dead.  Making life affirming choices and changes for our lives is not easy.

I was reminded of a great Still Speaking meditation entitled “When you Feel Like Quitting.”

It’s well worth our reading.

Easter Blessings, and keep Rising,



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